Dapur Ibu

Indonesian Comfort Food Menu




(omelette pancake filled with spring onion and minced chicken)

Bergedel Jagung

(deep fried corn fritters)

Keripik Kulit Ayam

(crispy chicken skin served with sweet sour spicy dipping sauce)

Kerupuk Udang

(shrimp crackers)

Soto Ayam                                                     

(Indonesia authentic chicken soup, served with steamed rice, chili sambal and shrimp crackers)

Soto Betawi                                                          

(beef soup with Jakarta style served with steamed rice, bitter nut crackers, chili sambal, soya sauce and lime)

Sop Buntut or Sop Buntut Goreng

(choice of braised oxtail or fried oxtail soup, served with steamed rice, sambal and bitter nut crackers)

Mie Ayam Bakso Pangsit or Jamur

(homemade egg noodles with chicken on the top served with meatballs soup and fried wonton or mushrooms – optional)

Bakso Kuah Pangsit

(authentic Asian meatballs and clear broth, served with fried chicken wonton and fresh chili sauce on the side)

Bihun Goreng Ayam or Seafood

(Javanese rice noodles with sliced chicken or seafood, served on omelette with sambal matah on the side)

Nasi Goreng Roa/ Buntut/ Ayam/ Seafood                    

(fried rice with Manadonese smoked fish/ beef oxtail/ chicken/ seafood served with pickles on the side)

Sate Ayam

(grilled chicken skewer served with peanut sauce, chili sambal and pickles)

Beef Rendang

(braised tenderloin in caramelised coconut milk in West Sumatran style, served with sauteed green beans, steamed rice and pickles)

Grouper Woku

(braised grouper with North Sulawesi style with Indonesian, basil on top, served with steamed rice and pickles)

Bebek Goreng Kering

(Dapur Ibu crispy duck, served with steamed rice, mix vegetable with coconut grated , assorted sambals and

shrimp crackers)

Sambal Goreng Udang Telur Puyuh                    

(prawn and quail eggs with Indonesian red seasoning, served with steamed rice, sauteed green beans and pickles)


Consist of:

Soto Ayam (authentic chicken soup), Beef Rendang, Lobster Telur Puyuh (made with red seasoning),

Sate Lilit Ikan (fish satay with Balinese style), Urab (mix vegetables with coconut grated),

served with steamed rice (Nasi Putih & Nasi Kuning), kerupuk (crackers), sambal matah & chili sambal







Kolak Pisang

(Indonesian dessert made with banana, coconut milk and pandanus leaf)

Pisang Goreng

(Indonesian banana fritters served with salted caramel, vanilla ice cream and nuts)