Diamonds are a rare and unique ultimate gift for a loved one. Thought to be one of the hardest substances on the globe, diamonds date back billions of years.

The diamond is the traditional birthstone of April and holds significant meaning for those born in this month, thought to provide the wearer with better relationships and an increase in inner strength.

Adopted from the Greek work adamas, meaning “invincible,” diamonds come in a wide range of colors such as black, blue, green, pink, red, purple, orange and yellow. The color is dependent upon the type of impurities that are present in the stone. For instance, yellow stones have minuscule traces of nitrogen while blue ones contain boron.

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Every love story should have an ending as happy as this one! This short video by Ayana Resort is beautiful, and even better, features jewellery by yours truly.

You can watch the full video here.


If you haven’t yet seen the latest talent in our musical line-up, it’s time. The smooth, soulful vocals and acoustic guitar playing of Roger Lefuno are spectacular on their own, but add to that our food, drink and service, and you’ve got a spectacular evening in store.


Picture cruising around some of Indonesia’s most spectacular islands on a private 43ft, triple deck, luxury sailing boat. Yes, Jemme has taken to the seas, in style, as a four cabin catamaran. We’ve named her The Jemme Cat, and she can be booked for day trips or longer excursions with customised itineraries. To find out more or to book, email us at


Derived from the Latin ‘Aqua’ meaning water and ‘Mare’ meaning sea, March birthstone’s calming blue colour is said to invoke tranquility. Given as a 19th wedding anniversary gift, its believed that aquamarine has a soothing effect of married couples, helping them to work out their differences and have a long, happy marriage!

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For the English and Irish among us, Sunday 26 March marks Mother’s Day – the one official day of celebration that these wonderful women get throughout the year. And for those looking to show their appreciation, gifting a little something that she can cherish forever is the perfect way to let her know how much she’s treasured.

Classic, simple and luxurious, our Just Diamond collection is great source of inspiration for Mother’s Day gifts. Timeless pieces like the Double Butterfly ring pictured here, are sure to delight her from the moment it’s received and forever more.

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We’ve just introduced this zingy, spicy beef salad to the menu, and its hitting just the spot for those long hot days in Bali.

Slices of tender, rare beef served on a bed of crunchy baby cucumber, served with a zesty Asian dressing.


For small gifts that make a big impact we’ve got you covered, whatever the budget.

First on the Christmas list are diamond pieces. This most precious of precious gems is as wearable as it is distinctive, so for the perfect little luxury gift that’s sure to make a statement from the moment it’s given and ever after, browse our Just Diamond collection.


If it’s one thing we look forward to it’s the times that this fabulous lady graces us with her presence and sensational vocals. Murni Surbakti is one of our glamorous three singers who performs Wednesdays and Saturdays alongside our baby grand piano.

To find out when Murni’s next performance at Jemme is please get in touch.


If like us, you’re partial to a dessert and, like us, you often have trouble choosing just one from a menu, we’ve got just the thing to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Our Tasting For Two is a selection of our most popular desserts, allowing you to pick and mix as you work your way around the plate. And the ‘For Two’ bit is definitely optional.


This month’s birthstone, sapphire, exists in a myriad of colours but it’s always been most strongly associated with the colour blue. The Ancient Persians in fact believed that the Earth rested on a giant blue sapphire and it was the reflection of this that coloured the sky.

One of the most famous pieces of sapphire jewellery in existence is the 12 carat Ceylon sapphire engagement ring, originally belonging to the late Diana, Princess of Wales, and now the Duchess of Cambridge. Perhaps one of the reasons why sapphire is currently the most popular gemstone for engagement rings.

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You may not have thought it possible, but Wednesday and Sunday roasts at Jemme have just got even better. This month we’ve introduced a brand new schedule of performances alongside our baby grand piano. Now you can tuck into the best roast on the island while listening to the sensational vocals of Eva Scolaro, Murni Surbakti or Chacha Vagabond.
To catch your favourite performances, just get in touch for the week’s schedule.


Thank you so much to everyone who supported and attended The Bali Ball 2016.

The Ball took place on Saturday 6th August at The Alila Seminyak. It was a fantastic event with a truly glamorous turn out.

In between the cocktails, fireworks, champagne and six course menu, some very impressive fundraising took place in the shape of raffles, The Diamond Draw and The Best of Bali auction. Guests left with luxury prizes, but most importantly, our charities left knowing they have vital funds coming their way for life-changing projects and initiatives.

We’ll be sharing more details about The Bali Ball and the funds raised very soon.


August babies and scorpions – this is your time to shine. This month’s birthstone is Peridot.

Believed to protect against nightmares and bring its wearer power and influence, peridot is one of the only gemstones to occur in just one colour. It ranges from a pale yellow-green to a deeper olive green tone.

Peridot forms deep inside the earth and is only brought to the surface by volcanoes, which is why in Hawaii, the gemstone symbolises the tears of Pele – the goddess of fire and volcanoes.

See more peridot jewellery here.


We are so proud to be organising a presenting the fourth Bali Ball on Saturday 6th August at Alila Seminyak. You can find out much more about the island’s biggest fundraiser and how to buy precious tickets on The Bali Ball website.

In the lead up to the event and to help raise more funds, we’re sponsoring a pre-event raffle The Diamond Draw. We’ve donated a dazzling 12.5 carat diamond necklace, in a choice of 18 carat white or yellow gold, to be given to the lucky raffle winner. To be in for a chance to get your hands on this showstopper, worth a massive US $17,500, just come into our store or contact us to buy tickets. They’re IDR 1,000,000 and you can buy as many as you would like from where ever you are in the world. The winner will be announced at The Bali Ball, and that person isn’t at the event, we’ll be in touch to let them know the good news.


One is never enough when it comes to cocktails and happy hour.

That’s why we’ve always made the most of ours, making every Monday – Thursday, day and night, happy hours at our bar. As if by magic though, we’ve made the deal that bit sweeter. Instead of buying one and getting the second free, we’re making them only IDR 55,000 per drink during happy hours. So no more pressure to drink in even numbers! 


June has arrived and with it comes all of the gorgeous occasions – weddings and alike – that we’ll be starting to dress for. Perfect for this time of year is this month’s iridescent birthstone, pearl. 

Whether black, white or golden, pearls are the only gem that require no faceting or polishing to reveal their natural luminous beauty. 

Said to embody the gentle, peaceful and healing energy of the sea, pearl is considered a calming gem and believed to be symbolic of the healing light of the universe. 


Known for re-inventing comfort food classics with a luxury twist, here at Jemme we’re definitely partial to a beef dish, especially when it’s partnered with a good glass of red.

A favourite and long-time fixture on our menu is our Bintang marinated fillet of beef. Served with sautéed herbed potatoes with slow roasted tomatoes & cabernet jus – if you’re yet to sample this dish, the time is now!


Fresh on the menu for April is a treat for the tastebuds and the eyes.

Our pan-fried crispy skin salmon fillet is a new light delight on our menu. Served on a bed of fresh sautéed vegetables and delicately oak smoked for a subtle smoky flavour, the presentation of this dish has it looking just as exquisite as it tastes.


One of the hardest natural substances and oldest minerals in the world, this month’s birthstone, diamond, is made from pure carbon at a depth of 90 to 120 miles beneath the earth’s surface, at temperatures above 1200 degrees Celsius.

Once believed to be splinters of stars or tears of gods fallen from heaven, the gem’s symbolic connection to romance and legend has prevailed throughout history.

Adopted from the Greek word ‘adamas’, meaning ‘invincible’, diamonds also became an emblem of fearlessness and were thought to bless their wearer with inner strength.

Love, strength, eternity, fearlessness or just good old glamour – there are few things in life that say it quite like a diamond.